The History of the World

When it comes to the history of life on this planet, there are two different versions that we must pick between. The scientific version tells us about the age of the dinosaurs that inhabited the planet about 265 million years ago. They became extinct because of a meteor that crashed into the earth causing a catastrophic event spiraling into the loss of most living creatures on the planet. They say the crash tossed so much pollution and gases into the atmosphere that many non-bird-like creatures were destroyed and many remaining animals died because of the lack of provisions due to the catastrophic event. According to scientists mankind did not come along until about 65 million years after that event but there is talk of other primates that existed during those years. That is the scientific version in a brief nutshell. Because of the evidence we see and are using coming from the ground it is hard to dispute this.

That is a far cry from the bible’s interpretation of our early years on Earth. The book of Genesis credits God with all of creation that is spoken of as 7 days with a day of rest on the seventh day. How can that be? Who do we believe? If we know there is oil in the ground due to the decayed dinosaurs and even fossils we have dug up indicating there were dinosaurs that roamed the planet over a period of many years, how do you justify the two different versions of our past history? As a follower of Christ and believer in God as Creator of all things, I try to justify the two different versions of our history here on planet Earth.

Firstly, I believe in the word of God and what it says. However, I do not believe the Bible was ever intended to be a history book in the sense of a factual account of the history of the world. I actually believe both versions to be true in their own light. I believe that God caused everything to happen as it did and He is still doing so. In our need to have answers to things, we do not understand we come up with our theories that are somewhat supported by facts, and some not. We use speculations to fill in the gaps regarding things we cannot prove factually. There is no doubt that dinosaurs existed on this planet because of the fossil evidence as well as the oil we are currently using because of their decayed bodies under the surface of the earth. That cannot be disputed.

Because we are constantly evolving in knowledge that are many things we cone believed that sound silly to us now. Mankind once believed the world was flat so if you continued traveling in one direction you would fall off the face of the earth. Our modern technology is assisting us in finding many hidden secrets of the universe. They were only secret to us because God knows all things from the beginning to the end of times. We are getting better at things such as carbon dating which allows us to precisely calculate the age of things. We can see far out into the universe showing us what is there. Because of how technology has opened doors we are no longer in the dark about many things.

However, when you look at the book of Genesis, tells us God’s version of the events. Although we were not there we are lost for certain explanations. How can both versions be true? The question becomes, which do you believe? I choose to accept God’s version but not only that, I believe that mankind has attempted to justify what they do not know where God needs not to justify Himself to mankind.

In our limited knowledge, we say it is impossible for anything to be done in 7 days of Earth time when a day of earth time is just as a million years or vice versa to God. God is the creator of time and uses it as He pleases. We want to make things fit neatly into what our minds and intellect in a way we can comprehend. God is incomprehensible to the human mind or intellect. So therefore, we fill in the gaps according to our need to justify things that we wish to accept as our measure of truth. Well, God is truth. We can speculate all we want, but God is Absolute Truth. The history of the world has already been written and stored in the annals of times in the eyes of God. All that has ever happened and will happen is already in God’s book of time.

Does such knowledge or speculations shake one’s faith and belief in God? I would say, most certainly! Unless and until God opens your heart to His truth you will forever be confused between the two versions. The eyes see one thing and the spirit another. If you allow yourself to entertain both theories it could cause confusion. Not everything in the annals of time is written in the bible. God only had written what He wanted us to know as our instructions for living life as we are passing through this earthly phase. We tend to use our understanding of things to supplant the word of God. I accept God’s word as my instruction manual and not as my historical, factual account of world history.

When I study the word of God I allow the spirit of the Living God to come into my heart to reveal His truth about what I need to know. More importantly, it tells me what I need to do in order to properly align my will with His divine will. I choose God. I do not deny mankind’s theories, but I refuse to allow them of cause me to doubt the very existence of God and His word. Should I lean upon the wisdom of the wise in this world it would be quite confusing. Firstly, mankind does not have all the facts in his possession while God is omnipotent and has all knowledge of all things in Him. I personally do not need to understand how or why God did what He did because I trust that everything He allows has a distinct purpose for the good of all.

I appreciate the fact that God looks over time and made certain things possible for us so that we can grow, breathe, and have our beings down here on planet Earth. He did that so we might achieve His divine will for us, mankind. He is always tweaking our eternal beings that inhabit these earthly bodies for a specific time. If and when there is doubt, I choose God. By mankind’s own account, he is forced to speculate where he is totally ignorant of the facts. God, being sovereign need not explain Himself to the ones He made for things we miss intrepid.

To God obedience is key. To Him reverence is key. To Him faith and trust opens the doors to His kingdom. We are passing through a brief moment in time but to God it is the eternal existence of our souls and spirit of which He is the benefactor. We choose to either believe in God or not. Should you ask God to help you with your unbelief, then do so but wait on the answer He gives to you according to your measure of faith.

Even though the seed of belief was planted in me at an early age, God made me with an inquisitive spirit that compels me to seek answers to things that I cannot accept. Although having such a nature can be useful for the kingdom when it is used properly, on the other hand, it repels the Spirit of God when used improperly. He already knew this fact about me so He found a way to meet me where I could understand. I had to mentally get out of my earthly tent and into the spiritual tent that God had already placed inside of me so He could come to me and tell me these unsearchable things that I did not know. It is no longer about what I think and feel, but instead about what the will of God determines.  I no longer need to know the age of this planet, when dinosaurs were alive, or when Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden. I find such things very interesting but a mere distraction from my ultimate goal of finding my way back home with God. Distractions are one of the main tricks of the evil ones. They know your likes, habits, desires, and even your feelings. They feed you what is most weak about yourself. Christ said He would never leave you nor forsake you. Though confusion will haunt you, your faith and reliance should be on things eternal not of this present age.

In reference to the history of mankind, what you need to extract the most is not repeating the same errors of the past. When you were a child God treated you as so but once you mature in Spirit it is time to be weaned from spiritual milk to the strong nutrients. You were built to handle the tough stuff but like all children, the learning curve is most necessary. Consider it pure joy when the Lord allows you to go through the cares of life, such trials, and tribulations are used to make you spiritually whole and complete, not lacking anything in the Lord.

Unbelievers live their lives as though there is no Divine God but that is not your concern. It was the Lord that gave them life and being. It is the same Lord that nurtures each soul the Father sends to Him. Do not fret, some things are only meant for the Lord to handle. Why would you worry about things that are not on your plate to handle? Sufficient what the Lord has placed on your plate of responsibility. There will always be enough on your plate to handle rather than worrying about anything at all.

I can’t stress the importance of understanding history because it is literally a roadmap to the future. It illuminates the path of righteousness. It shows you the way into the kingdom. Christ came to show you the way into the Kingdom of Heaven. Use that historical account as a roadmap for you to follow. Throughout the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments are stories and testimonies of what to do and what not to do. It capitulates the consequences of doing sin and evil… of doing wrong. God’s word is precise, and it will always come true. The wages of sins will always be the same. So therefore, the payment for the debt is likewise always the same, by the blood of Christ alone can you be spared of its wages? If one is not covered by His blood the wages of sin is eternal death. God is very precise. The Word is always true. Receive God’s offering of unearned grace and mercy of face the sin debt. For those who refuse to believe in God, no one on earth can spare you.

Don’t worry about the prehistoric mammals and fossils. They will not be returning. Don’t worry about which came first the chicken or the egg. Sufficient this day what the Lord has placed on your plate. Salvation comes through the Lord God almighty. Anything else is futile. “Repent,” says the Lord. Search for the Lord while He may be found. That loud vibration that you are feeling is Him standing outside your door knocking. He wants to come in and sup with you and give you the assurance that your debt has been paid in full. The real history is His Story≥ To almighty God be the glory… Selah! 

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