Our Father’s Children

It is fairly obvious that my mission is to bring God’s word to the body of God through Christ. Even though the Father would prefer that all His souls return back to Him, not all of them want to, or even acknowledge Him as their Creator. This is not a problem for the Father because He is eternal while we are merely passing through this tunnel of time and space for a very brief period of time. The path to return to His kingdom is very narrow and only a few will find their way. On the contrary, the pathway to destruction is very wide and many will take that road.

As far as the body of believers is concerned, we belong to Him. We are no longer our own but bought and paid for in full at an extremely high cost… the blood of the Lamb of God. Does that not cause you to ponder… leap for joy with every ounce of glee that you can muster? It should and it would if you knew the fullness of Almighty God. Can you even imagine who and what God IS? I will answer that for you… NO! You can’t. No one can.

He is the LORD OF LORDS; KING OF KINGS; THE ONLY ONE OF HIS KIND; ALL ENCOMPASSING GOD, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH; THE MAKER OF YOU AND I; and many more accolades. Despite of this truth, He wants us to call Him Abba/Father… Our Heavenly Father.

Even with my creative imagination, there are no words to express the fullness of Almighty God as far as what He means to me personally. Again, no one can fully describe Him even though many are more skillful with words than I. God is inexpressible in audible languages because He goes so far beyond what mere words can describe. Our mortal eyes cannot even see God. We would evaporate from the sheer sight of something so beyond knowing. Moses was told to turn his gaze away from where God had recently passed through because even the trail He left behind was too much for a human to witness. And yet… He wants us to refer to Him as our Loving Heavenly Parent, Father, ABBA, and our beloved Benefactor.

As I pondered my next message to share with you, I asked the Father what is it that He would want to say to His chosen children. The word I received was, “Come unto Me.” My next question to Him was, “How is that possible?” Since God is Spirit and we currently inhabit human flesh bodies, how can a carnal being come into the physical presence of a spirit being that has no physicality? To answer that question I was pointed to the Written Word of God. Let’s start with Matthew 11:28.

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden light.”

I find it quite fascinating how our Lord speaks to us very intimately when we open our hearts to receive His teachings through His Holy Scriptures. The written word comes alive as they enter the hearts of His children. The Father’s children know the sound of His voice. He asks us to come directly to him and to take the load we are carrying off our shoulders. He wants us to place our burdens onto His capable shoulders and find His rest.

He knows the worries you are carrying from the cares of this world. He wants to relieve you of your fears and concerns. The Father knows things about us that we haven’t a clue about. As our Maker, He knew everything about us long before we were placed in these imperfect mortal bodies. He will teach you things you need to know about being assigned to a human body and how to learn His most valuable lessons for the fulfillment of your completed immortal soul. He is making you ready for the Kingdom of Heaven. He did not send us out here as orphans but as His most precious souls on a journey to be perfected for His eternal kingdom dwelling. How else are you to learn of your divine assignment without coming directly to the One who assigned it to you?

All of the Father’s children eventually come to Him once they are awakened. Your scriptures tell you, “And they shall be taught by God the Father.” It is He who awakens us once we are indeed ready to learn. But not a second sooner because the Teacher only shows up when the pupil is truly ready to learn. This happens when the heart is made humble and contrite to receive the lessons. Though you might think the Lord of Lords would be heavy-handed, His is gentle and easy. Taste Him and see just how good He is to your knowing. You will automatically recognize the sound of His voice as the One who made you in the Heavenly abode and sent you down to the earth on your mission. You were awakened and drawn to the sound of His inner voice at the perfect time when you were ready. He beckons you… “Come to me!.” If you are truly ready you will both hear Him and come quickly.

Once you come into the body of God you realize the futility of resisting Him because literally and figuratively you are in the picture He made before the formation of the world. No matter where you would go you must go through what God made. Everything returns to the Source for the proper allocation. This was done by the Father who made all things and set their purpose from the beginning of our time. He left it up to us to determine if we want to follow His plan. If you do not wish to go through His plan then He already knew that about you. From His Supreme Omnipotent Wisdom, there is no escape. You are either for Him or against Him. There is no other alternative. In essence, you may come to Him or go away from Him. That is what each has to fulfill from their hearts. Away from Him leads to such a destructive pathway.

Everything God does is for the good of all regardless of our opinion about what is right or wrong, good or bad, or other dualities. God IS always on the side of the light! Where God is not there is only darkness. God’s kingdom is light. God is the light and the Spirit of Truth. God is love and all the fruit of His Spirit mirrors His character and likeness. Anything that is not of God does not mirror His attributes. That is how you are to test the spirit. He who confesses Christ as Lord is of His Spirit.

Christ tells us to love one another so others will know that we are His disciples because where there is love God is already and always present. Coming to God takes you to a place of divine light, truth with only love. He reveals Himself to those He calls to Him. They awaken to His essence to make an informed decision on which way they wish to go. No one is forced to love God, nor are they forced to abandum Him. It is always by willful choice that each must decide.   

Each day we rise we are given an opportunity to receive God or to deny Him. His grace and mercies and prepared fresh for us each moment. Just as our yesterdays and gone forever, our sins and infractions can be forgiven at any moment. Once forgiven they are eternally gone into the sea of oblivion, never to return again. God wants to cut you away from all the burdens of sin and evil that you have accumulated over a lifetime. He will prepare you for His kingdom, but you must first wish to be made whole and complete before it is done for you by God. Your choice is to select God or not. Coming to God means you select the Higher and refute the lower. You elect to stand in the light of truth rather than bow down to the forces of darkness. The line is quite clear and so is the decision, either for or against God. He says, “Come To Me!” 

Though it has taken me a while to receive my calling, the Lord has been working through and in me since my beginning. He was always preparing me for the mission I would serve before my awareness. He was always working on me. He used His power to draw me in close enough so He could show me the light of truth at a point when I was open to seeing the revelation. In my right mind, I was able to make an informed decision based on His divine truth. Not upon what others say or do but upon the light, He shines letting you know who He IS. Not everyone wants what God has. The main reason is the lack of knowledge. When you are in the darkness you only see what is dark. One must be raised high enough to realize they are in darkness and then elect to come into the light knowing the difference. God does not want unwilling servants. If you prefer living in darkness over coming into His light of truth, He will honor your wishes.

Much is made about the Father’s children knowing the sound of His voice so let’s address that. We are all from the place of creation which is the orb of God. There are no other Creators of living souls and spirits. Everything about you now and before your birth was in God, the one that gives us all life and being. Therefore each of us knows the sound of His voice because it was placed in us by our Maker for when the time was ready. It is not usually an audible voice but a spiritual one that comes directly from the Maker to the made. Your soul and spirit already know this. However, your soul and spirit have to be awakened to receive God’s communications to you. I only know this because God is the one revealing it to me inwardly.

For most of my life, like most of you, I have been sleepwalking through this world not realizing that my very essence from God was asleep. Apparently being placed in a human body puts the spirit that is the spark of God in you to sleep. Our task is to awaken the spirit and face God so He can do the work He designed for you. That is the reason you are here on earth, to be made whole and complete, not lacking anything. All your life’s experiences were specifically designed to give you the opportunity to be made whole and complete, lacking in nothing. It is a lifelong process done by the Spirit of the Living God.

Many people will reject His guidance because of the sleepwalking state we are in until He calls us from inside giving us the opportunity to respond to His call. No mortal being can interfere with such a call because it is not within Human capabilities to block anything between the made and the Maker. Not even spirit beings have power over God, even though they are likewise eternal beings. Nothing is above God. Dark spirits know this. The main tactic of the evil ones is deceit and trickery. They deceive us into thinking we are alone when God is and always has been with every soul and spirit He created until they deny Him with the full knowledge of the stakes at hand. Only then does He let them go. It is nearly impossible for us to comprehend the ways of God because we do not have the entire picture that God has. We are not capable of such wisdom while living in these earthly tents. Therefore our reliance must always be upon God’s superior wisdom that knows all things from the beginning through eternity.

I must confess to those who are receiving this message that my awakening has everything to do with God’s timing and purpose for me. The times I rejected God was for the purpose of learning from the consequences of my bad decisions and sinful acts against the Almighty. God could have guided my steps away from such things but how else could I learn if I did not experience it with my own awareness?

It is one thing to ask your children to live righteously and to do what is good for all concerns but to watch them learn why good prevails over evil is something they must experience to know the difference. That does not mean we have to sin more but to look at sin and say no to it. If you could not recognize sin how can you know what is good? God teaches us such things when we are ready to be taught of His righteousness. Not everyone wishes that for themselves. One must surrender their willpower to God, which is the power of truth and righteousness. That is a far different picture from what the world reveals to you.

As I am confessing my transformation into the likeness of Christ I realize I have lived a sinful life. I know the difference between right and wrong. I do regret my sins and asked to be forgiven of them but more importantly, I wish to learn how to resist the temptations of wrongful decisions, so I sin less and trust God more. This is the reason why we are here in these human bodies, to learn how to be what God wants us to be rather than just going through the motions of life without reason and purpose. You are here on a mission and that mission is to become like Christ, in His likeness and image to be like in character to God’s Son, who is the image of the invisible God made in carnal flesh. That feat cannot be accomplished by human might or willpower. It has to be done by Him who gave us the assignment once the pupil was ready to be made whole. It is not our power and might that conforms us to the likeness of Christ but the power of the living God that does the transformation with our full agreement.

Currently, I am going through a period of rest. I seem to be always on the move going everywhere fast not really knowing why but sensing that I must always be doing something. As an analogy, the cars we drive need fuel to operate. The body you live in needs fuel to power itself for life. Likewise, our soul and spirit need fuel to operate according to the specifications our Maker purposed. If you never stop to refuel you will run out of gas and become ineffective. For that God says come to Him and I will give you rest. The rest is important because that is when God refuels you for the mission at hand. Even when you are sleeping God is refueling you in ways that you can’t possibly imagine when you are aligned with His will. Your will and purpose are to be a vessel that He can use to distribute His blessings upon the world. He blesses us so we can become a blessing to others.

As I write this I was watching sports on television over the weekend. I noticed all the fans in the audience, the commentators, the cheerleaders, the players, the network that they were broadcasting through, and even the people at home watching just like me. It suddenly dawned upon me that everything was exactly in the place God knew it would be. We act as though our entire existence belongs to us while it belongs to God. All the players of life are where they are supposed to be because of God. We are where we are through God. The sooner we align our will with His will, the sooner we will become a more effective fruit bearer so the Lord can use us to distribute His goods into this world.

This episode is longer than my usual, but this is the message I was inspired to write by the Spirit. I allow Him to guide me rather than relying upon my own understanding of things. I belong to God. when I give Him the space, the permission, and the glory, there is so much more possible when it is done through Him, for Him, and by Him, for the benefit of those He wants to reach. You are the same. Each of us is where we are supposed to be right at this very moment in time, but what we do, why, or how we do it depends upon if we are for or against God. If we align our will with God’s will there is no other position higher. It takes us a while to realize this but once you do, the floodgates of heaven open to such as you. To almighty God be the glory… Selah!  

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