A Message From The Lord

Grace and peace to you my brothers and sisters of the faith from He who drew us near, washed our iniquities, and forgave us our sins so we may be reconciled back to our Heavenly Father. He beckons us all to join Him in the battle to save souls for the Father as He currently sits at the right hand with the Father. He sends His love to each and every one of you who has accepted His payment of your sin debt by the shedding of His blood shed on the cross at Calvary.

Many great souls have been caught up in the ascension trail that He left behind as He returned to be with the Father. Like the image of Jacob’s letter extending into the abode of God, many of your brothers and sisters of the faith are already at home awaiting the sweet day when you too will join them. Be exceedingly glad that you have already been sealed by the blood of the lamb. In our Father’s house, there is a mansion that has already been prepared for your arrival.

I bring forth a message that is not my own but one for the children of the Lord. He wants you to hang tight by your faith knowing what you are facing in this godforsaken land. Many of your brothers and sisters are suffering like you. He is quite familiar with the cruelty of this wicked world. He bears the scars on His mortal body that was given as a ransom for your sinful debt. As you stand for His name’s sake just know that you are not alone. The same forces that crucified Him on the cross are the ones you are facing currently. He wants you to know that He has already placed in you a power that is far greater than any power in this darkened world.

Thanks to the Father who sits at the end of times just as He is here right now. He safely guards your soul’s pathway back home. Though you cannot see Him, He sees everything quite clearly and gives you His assurance that glory is at your final resting place, thanks to the finished work Christ did on the cross on your behalf. I can’t thank Him enough personally for what He has done for me. There are no words that truly express that much gratitude. One would hope that each of you would feel the same way. By your gratitude, you should be willing to help another struggling soul here on Earth to see the light that is in Christ Jesus.

Many of you have been called as keepers of the light. Some of you have been called to spread the good news about our Lord. Some of you have been used as witnesses revealing what God has done to them and thereby shining more light so others can see just how great God is. There are some of you that do not know what you are supposed to do. Not everyone was built to be a warrior. Some are intended to be teachers, guardians, feeders of the flock, nurturers of the young, or caretakers of the old. Some were born to be singers, dancers, and artists of many kinds. Others are just ordinary people spreading the good news about the Lord.

Each of you has a certain mission to fulfill for the Lord according to His great pleasure. He is counting on you being available to allow the Holy Spirit to use you at a time of need to do the Lord’s great works and deeds by the power of the living Holy Spirit from right inside of you. You need not worry about what you must do or say because if the Spirit of God is in you the power of God will do the work needed through your mortal vessel. You need only say YES to the Lord. He will do the rest for, and through you.

He also sends a message to those of you who are shy and fearful. He knows why. He wants you to know that you are not just wrestling with flesh and blood but with the powers of evil coming from the dark side of the spiritual kingdom. That power has been unleashed on this world to separate the wheat from the chaff. He knows the ones who have been sealed already. Nothing, no one, nor power can take what belongs to the Lord from His mighty hands. Although He knows that already, He wants you to believe in Him with every ounce of faith you can muster.

The enemy is quite strong, cunning, and deceiving. He was not afraid to rise up in the Lord’s face knowing just who He was while He was in human flesh. If he would do that to the Savior of all mankind, what more do you think he has in store for us, who were made just a bit lower than the heavenly angels while here on the Earth? They, His angels, are standing guard over you even though you cannot see them. Your faith can see them because it knows them and they you. Trust in the eyes of the Lord to be your guide as you go through this hell on the way back to your heavenly home.

The Lord wants you to know that the time is at hand for all His people to gather with one another; to support one another, and love one another as He has loved each of you. There’s so much power to be had as the Lord’s Saints gather in His name. Do not forsake the assembling of the body of God. It doesn’t have to be in a building of brick and mortar because the power is in the strength of numbers as you gather. If the gathering halls have discouraged you from worshipping the Lord because of the corruption of mankind, find a fellow believer and join with them for comfort knowing when two or more gather in His name, the Lord is there with you.

If you cannot find a place to worship… go back to the old-school way of gathering just as the early Christians did. Meet in each other’s homes where you are free to study the word of God and not made to feel as though you are shamed for not being as knowledgeable as some of the others. It is the Lord that saves souls. We are only vessels the Lord uses as beacons of light to lead His people out of the darkness. Trust not in the powers of mankind but in that invisible power of the Living God that transcends all space and time throughout eternity. The Lord will never forsake His own. He will never leave them alone. His heavenly court is ever-present beyond what the mortal eyes can see, or ears hear. If you have the faith of a tiny mustard seed you sense His presence surrounding you each and every moment of each and every day while you are down here on the Earth below. Although you will still face the snares and cares of this world, just know that this is not your true home. Your home is with the Lord God over heaven and earth.

Let’s make this one short and sweet so you can take some time to meditate upon what you just heard. Allow the Lord to warm your heart letting you know He is with you. Peace be with you, my dear saints. Not as this world gives to you but the peace that comes only through the Lord Christ Jesus… To almighty God be the glory, Selah!

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