Hell Absolutely Terrorizing Everyone… It Touches. This is how my topics come to me to write about. That spells out the title, H.A.T.E. I.T. It appears the substance of hate has overcome the substance of love that IS God. I hope it’s just in my imagination, but it seems to be getting so thick that you can hardly avoid it. People are becoming so disenfranchised with each other. They are going the other way… away from love. It’s all about their selfish desires and what’s in it for themselves. None of this aligns with God, decency, common courtesy, or what most of us grew up with as our basic values of humanity. How can people prosper in a society that grows hate? Eventually, such a place would convulse upon itself. Hate begets more hate. It will eventually consume itself and everything around it.

We know that love does the exact opposite. God cautions us to put love as the first order over our mortal lives. He wants us to love the Lord God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and spirits. That is the first and the greatest of all of God’s commandments. The second one is likened to the first, which is to love one another as you love God. Christ gave us an even newer one, to love one another so people can see and know that we are His disciples. Without a doubt, hate is antithetical to God. Anyone who claims to love God yet hates their neighbors is against God no matter what they try to convince people to think.

It appears the media advancement into our daily lives has opened doors and avenues allowing hate to flourish. I’m not blaming the media alone but simply saying where there are currents of travel… things will ride on such currents. Since the news media organizations decided that only bad news sells and uses it to build their ratings, naturally the worse it is the more they attract audiences. This is so pervasive in our society that there are newsagents in nearly all aspects of our daily lives… Not to mention the major broadcasting companies are the top grabbers and presenters of the “bad” news.

At one point during my lifetime, there were only three national networks but now that number has grown to possibly hundreds or thousands, or possibly millions if you include cable news, social media, or even people like me who has a YouTube channel and blog site that allows me to broadcast directly to consumers, if you know how to build up your own followers. This is so new to our society that it has not yet been regulated. It was created and immediately released to the public. Now everyone who has the knowledge or ability to develop their social media sites can promote what they are pushing or selling. How can we get the cows back in the barn once they have been let loose this long?

Perhaps we are going at this democracy thing the wrong way. When do the rights and freedoms of all people collide with each other? If everyone can do anything… that does not create a civilized society. On the other hand, who gets to set the rules we are to adopt and respect? This nation was founded upon lies rather than truths. Although the written documents said one thing, the practices said another. The rights of all people were never honored or respected. The laws were only written to control people without power. The people with power did not have to restrict themselves to written laws because they had the raw power to do so.

Therefore when you build such a corrupted foundation and put a house on top of it, what more would you expect? This is what I was implying when I said, how to you get the animals back in the barn after they have been allowed to roam so free for so many years? I do not have the answer, but I do know that hate is not the key. On the other hand I know the power of love and what it does to human beings.

This is not about religion or anyone’s faith, or belief system. It is about raw human behavior. Once we learn things it becomes our way of being and living. If we learn hate at the beginning that is what we use as our operating system. If we learn to love one another that becomes our normal way of interacting with one another. The scriptures say the same thing but when it is addressed as a particular religious philosophy that is when we draw our lines, for good reasons. I’m not certain but I do believe religious wars would be the number one reason we go to war with each other. Religions have carved the world into different factions and territories. This was not God’s way. However, it is how mankind has interpreted God as something that they can use to control the populace.

Let me get back to my subject title here; HATE IT! That’s hell absolutely terrorizing everyone it touches. Can’t we see how destructive hate has become to the human population? The solution is to counteract it with love but easier said than done. How do you convince people to do things that are good for them? Since most people are followers… not leaders; we must somehow convince our leaders to take a more proactive approach towards love rather than hate. Since it appears to be our leaders that are promoting hate in the first place that is not a winning strategy. Perhaps we need to take a much closer look at how we elect and appoint our leaders. If people refuse to get involved in the election process then we are back to square one.

Where does this leave us? I suppose in the bottomless pit of hell… unless someone has a better idea. Surely there must be a better solution than to allow the substance of hate to corrupt everyone that is touches. I welcome your suggestions. To God be the glory… Selah!  



Hell Absolutely Terrorizing Everyone It Touches

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  1. בפעם הבאה קראתי בלוג, אני מקווה ש זה לא לאכזב לי בדיוק כמו זה אחד מסוים. אחרי הכל, אני יודע את זה הייתה הבחירה שלי לקרוא , בכל זאת אני באמת האמין אתה כנראה היית יש משהו שימושי לומר. כל מה שאני שומע הוא חבורה של גונח על משהו שאתה יכול לתקן אם אתה לא עסוק מדי מחפש תשומת לב.

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