We’re Running out of Thoughts and Prayers

Unfortunately, thoughts and prayers do not seem to be cutting the mustard these days. With yet another killing with the same type of guns that should be illegal for civilians to own and carry, we offer the family our thoughts and prayers. There’s usually a barrage of numerous government officials giving the families their condolences. Behind them is a show of force from the many policing agencies who are suddenly been thrust into the bright lights of cameras. They say and do what they think the people want to hear. Surely they try to do what is right according to what they’ve seen all too often. None of them were expected to find themselves in that position. The most ironic fact is that much of this could have been avoided if we were to make military assault weapons illegal. Instead… we get thoughts and prayers from our leaders.

I speak no ill of people who find themselves in this position because it is hard to understand why things like this happen so frequently. They do what they think is expected of them offering their condolences to the surviving family members and loved ones. Even family members are suddenly thrust into the spotlight as well causing them to be fully exposed nakedly in front of the public with their raw emotions exposed. Many of them call the same popular attorneys trying to follow the script that is put in their faces while going through their grief and suffering. Is this script getting to be all too common?

I have lost so many friends and relatives over my many years that I know what it is like to suddenly lose a loved one. Many people who are thrust into this spotlight have no clue what the surviving family members are experiencing. And yet everyone tries to do what is expected of them. It appears that there is no actual script as how to act in this revolving show should unfold. But they do their best under the circumstances. My Lord, have we been reduced to this?

Someone gets killed, the family grieves in public, the publicans get on camera to show what they think they are supposed to do, and once the major news agencies leave town, the family still has to grieve the loss of their loved ones. Aren’t we sick and tired of this same old script that everyone suddenly has to learn? How effective is the thoughts and prayers at helping those who are grieving? Unless you are a grieving family member you don’t have a clue about what goes on after all the hoopla has subsided.

I sit in my office and write these things being critical of any and everyone whom I think is at fault. But still, the same script repeats itself like a broken record. I actually do pray for those who lost their loved ones when it is brought to my attention by the Holy Spirit… but to what avail? Death has no return. At least not on Earth. In some cases there is relief financially for wrongdoings once proved in a court of law. Does that bring back those who lost their lives? They are eternally deprived of their loved ones for the rest of our mortal lives? Personally, I am getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. Nothing changes by me being sick and tired. I have no power other than to offer my sincere prayer to our God, Lord, and Savior.

The great Solomon wrote about this in the book of Ecclesiastics. Apparently, things such as this have happened before and will happen again repeatedly. What do we learn from the life lessons God allows us to witness first-hand? The only thing I see is that we are mortal beings weak in our flesh and incapable of doing right and good without the Lord residing in us directing our paths and transforming us into His likeness. Is there any more that can be said about this?

If we don’t learn the lessons of our past we are lost in our shadows trying to figure out things that are somewhat within our control. The solution is to turn and face God but that is a horse of a complicated color. Having people turn to God seems to be a dying measure. During such horrific dreadful times, one would assume that God has turned His back on His people. Though I know that is not true… but still, what are we to do? He has told us before to humble ourselves, turn away from our sinful ways, seek His face, and then He would hear from heaven and heal our land. Has that proposition been taken off the table? Believers know God’s word, which is His promise. We know they shall never change. But still, what are we to do? I have the same old questions, but the answers seem to always evade me.

As a fellow traveler through this wayfaring world, I am just as befuddled as the great Solomon was. The earth seems to come and go and yet nothing really seems to change. Mankind is still inherently sinful… and some even evil. Oddly Solomon looked up to the same God as I do. Christ looked up into the same skies I see. I have read back over their history, but I don’t see much change, especially not for the better.

I suppose until people get as sick and tired of mourning and burying their dead, nothing will change until they decide to actually do what they are capable of doing. One would hope we could think rationally and do what is right but so far that hasn’t happened. Perhaps our only hope is to humble ourselves, seek God’s face, and ask Him to come and heal our land. Other than that, hold on to your faith as others have done. They were born and died here in this Godforsaken land like us. Although I don’t understand this, my Lord tells me to lean not upon my own understanding but to trust in the Lord God with all my heart, all my soul, and with all my might. What else can a Christian Brother do… To almighty God be the glory… Selah!

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  1. דירות דיסקרטיות באשדוד on May 13, 2023 at 7:01 am

    אני צריך כדי להודות לך על זה טוב קרא!! אני בהחלט נהניתי כל קצת זה. יש לי אתה ספר מסומן כדי לבדוק חדש דברים שאתה פוסט

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