How The Lord Speaks With His Own

The Psalmist wrote in Psalms number 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.” When I read scripture, as of late, it feels like it is speaking directly to me through my heart. No matter what the passage might be, it is as though the Lord was speaking gently directly to me. I used to think it odd and call such things coincidences but when I respond to what I felt coming from my heart, it was as though He winked at me and said, “I guess you are finally hearing me.

I have this ongoing chat in my mind with the Lord about a multitude of things that concerns me. At times I hear a voice speak back to me, but I assume it is my creative imagination, so I do not make a big deal out of it. It has gotten to be so common to me that it is like having an ongoing conversation with the Holy Spirit all the time. Over time it feels very natural to me. I wonder if others have this same experience as well because it is the same Holy Spirit that lives in all of God’s children. It really shouldn’t feel odd to us at all if we follow what the scriptures tell us. Christ said that He would send us a Helpmate that will be with us and in us to remind us of the things He taught us. If you have accepted Christ as Lord then the Holy Spirit of God Himself lives inside your mortal body. This is irrefutable.

Do you believe in what the scriptures say to you? When God tells you to be still and realize that He is your God, do you accept that as fact, or do you just read it as a passage of good-sounding words? I dare you to step outside of your mind for just a second and allow the Spirit that is God to come into your presence. Sit still and call upon the name of the Lord, then just be still in silence for as long as it takes to feel His living presence all around you. Once you are ready for Him He has been waiting for you all along. God lives in you and wants you to know that He will always be with you from now throughout eternity because you are one of His very own.

It looks like I have been called to write these sorts of messages so others can know what I know and experience what I experience. God is alive and well in His children, but we must be still and wait on the Lord. My habit has always been the opposite. I pray and seek His face, but I never wait on Him before I continue to move forward. I have zero patience so in my haste I just continue with my plans and leave the Lord behind in my dust as I rush off. I am sure He watches me rush off and probably get tickled watching me do the same things repeatedly wondering when I will finally get it. I use our kind of language in describing the Lord, but I realize He knows exactly when things will happen long before they happen in our mortal space and time.

Since it is apparently my calling to write these sorts of messages, I must be able to listen and hear what comes to me. Not everyone is called to be a receiver or a writer to be more accurate. Everyone is called to receive God’s instructions but not by way of being able to write it down in a manner that you can follow. I have been on this very long journey as a student in training for whatever I have become. The main issue for me has been the lack of patience to wait on the Lord. I have not been a good student. It is said the Teacher appears once the student is ready to learn. I had to go through so many times of not waiting on the Lord before I decided to just sit there and wait until instructed further. I had to get out of my carnal mind first. Even then I doubted where it was coming from before the flow could come through unobstructed.

How do we learn to hear the Lord as He speaks with us or to us? It is the same Lord that made heaven and earth and communicates with all He made. I wrote a piece I called the FLOW where I explained to my readers how everything that came from God was intended to be as it is and to act as it does except us because we have this mental capacity to redirect what the Lord did from the beginning naturally. He gave us the free will to say no to Him and He allowed us to do as we wish to do. He knows full well how wrong our acts and deeds may be according to His righteous requirements but still, a promise is a promise. The Lord never goes back on His promise. The word of God is eternal. You can count on it as existence itself.

Think about it. No matter how long the universe has been in existence, it is still here in the same place doing what it was designed to do. All the planets and stars are where they are supposed to be doing what they were designed to do. No thanks to us the earth is still here and doing most of the things it was designed to do, which is to provide us with a place to live and have our beings. However, look at the rapid deuteration of our planet. If we keep doing what we are doing to the earth, it will eventually be consumed by our wicked defiance and fall out of its place. It is not just the physical earth but more the spiritual one. The earth is a living entity just as we are. We are connected to it because we are made of the same substance. When we depart our bodies return to the substance that made it, but our soul and spirit return back to its Maker.

All the inhabitants of the earth flow in what they were designed to flow except us. We are the top of the chain and were given dominion over the earth. None of the other species were given such authority but look at what we are doing to Mother Earth. We are destroying the very life-sustaining habitation that keeps us here. Look at our gluttony, our greed, our hatefulness, our unrighteousness, and our defiance against the righteousness of our Creator. Why He allows us to be so destructive is beyond reasoning. He alone is God and Has His reasons. I relent to God but not without questioning why! It is not my place to question God but the mind He put in me thinks it has the right to question its maker. I war with my mind daily. Some days I win and other days my mind wins, and I sin. I am not the only one! All have sinned, and fall very short of what God wants of us.

To bring this message back on point, the Lord speaks to all of His children, the ones who accept Him and the ones who do not. Those whom He calls He expects much more than we give Him in return. However, His grace and mercy shower us even though we never deserve it. For those who do not accept His Lordship, they will be left on their own, a place where God is not. This is not a threat but a promise from the Father. Let those who have ears to hear and spiritual eyes to see, perceive this message and know where it comes from. “Be still and know that I am God.” To almighty God be the glory… Selah!


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    מזהה רוצה תודה על המאמצים יש לך לשים כותב את זה בלוג. אני מקווה להציג אותו בדרגה גבוהה תוכן בבלוג ממך בעתיד גם כן. למעשה , יכולות הכתיבה היצירתית שלך יש השראה לי לקבל שלי אתר עכשיו;)

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