A Tribute To Our Female Counterparts

By the time this essay gets published Mother’s Day for this year 2023 will be gone. However, that is no excuse to not tell our moms and all the moms from all around the world what they mean to us as well as the function they play in our world. We could not be here literally or figuratively without our moms, or females in general. It is through women that all are born. Our births require an egg from the womb of a female to birth a person. If we ever try to bypass God in the birthing process then it would be time for Him to pull the plug on life.

I know how much I love my mom personally. She has been my solid anchor since I was born. She nurtured and loved me from the start. I have personally only known the purest form of love from my mother. However, everyone does not have that sort of relationship with their mothers. Perhaps not all women were cut out to be mothers even though they have the anatomy to do so. Just because you can… don’t always mean you should. This is not to bash any women because men and the roles they play, or do not fulfill, are the most egregious. They can drop their sperm and never be seen again while a tiny baby is born with no knowledge of who the father might be. I can’t call the kettle black because I too had children out of wedlock. I’m guilty as charged. Even though I didn’t abandon my children, I didn’t raise them as a father. Surely they suffered without what I could have or should have offered to them. But let’s not get off on these negative sidelines… not while I am trying to give tribute to our dear sweet females.

I am appalled at how our better halves are treated in society. Even knowing men could not be without women, we still treat them as though they were second-class. They are put down, held down, and refused to have a seat at the big table. In so many ways they’re made to feel lesser than. God made man and God made woman. The two were to be joined as one in creation to populate our world. What we have done with that fragile relationship is not pleasing to the Lord but that is something that He will deal with once the time comes.

We all have sinned and fall short of what God desires of mankind. But still, you would think we would at least want to honor God in all we do. I know that is not the case. However, I am especially appalled at how we treat our female counterparts in general. I think we got off on the wrong foot from the very beginning. Since God made us bigger and stronger we took that to mean we should dominate the smaller and physically weaker sex. The relationship was intended to fit like a hand in a glove but that is not how we did it. We were to love our other half as they were a part of our own body but that is not what we did. God made us how we were intended to serve in His body but that is not what we did. A lot of the dysfunctions happening in our society today are because we have ventured so far off God’s design. Now we want to replace God’s design with our own. In the end that will not be successful but again, God will do the judging when the time comes.

I was raised by the hands of very loving females. The men in my life did not know how to express the emotion of love. They were strong brute men, but they had no tenderness about them. It was all hard work and providing the necessities of life for our families. There was a very little outpouring of affection that children need so badly to help them adjust to the harshness of life. You shouldn’t be hard and stern all the time.

The women in my life had to do practically the same hard work as the males but in addition, they have to be the soft sponges that children could cling to so they could develop emotionally. In addition, most men treated their women as the under position. They were not allowed to speak out in public. I am certain inside the bedroom things might have been different because then men would climb down from their high horses to get what they needed or wanted for that other part that satisfied their needs. A lot went on behind closed doors that children did not see but there again was a great woman standing behind their man holding him up so he could be the man the family needed to prosper. Without women, most families would crumble because that is not what males do well. We need each other to make it work the way it was intended. Males were to honor their wives and vice versa. It was not to dominate and to hold them down chauvinistically. But society had this incorrect image we all tried to play that was never the image God made in us.

If men learned to appreciate what women have to go through just to be who and what they are to humanity it might shed a different light on the matter. The things their bodies have to go through just to have the ability to bear children are not something that men can appreciate. Not only that, also the false images we force our females to play are just wrong. We play these characters in public, but they are like putting on a mask in public and taking it off at home. Why! Why can’t we just love and honor and respect one another as co-heirs under our heavenly Father and allow Him to be the glue that binds us in love?

That appears to be too much like doing what is right and good. We have never been good at being righteous and good just because that is what God wanted us to be. We’d rather do it our way and in our image and likeness rather than in the image and likeness of our Father. Do men actually realize that God is both male and female? Oh, we men are so vain. I bet we thought God was only a HE! God has both in HE/SHE equally as strong. HE/SHE only put one in charge… not because of the male was better or smarter but because a hand was built to fit into a glove. One without the other would be meaningless. O Ye of shallow faith!

I am not certain where we have taken this place, but it does not appear to be where God planned it. Mankind, especially chauvinistic males has carved society into a male-dominated space that does not follow Godly rules of order. If God is taken out of His own picture we have no idea where society will land. All I know is that if God “ain’t” in it, it can’t be good. I’m not standing on the right side of this tongue-lashing because I am the “atypical” male in need of becoming much better than I am.

I pray that our Father awakens us and reminds us of who we are, what He made us to become, and how to achieve what is right and good by His standards. I’m not certain where this essay came from, but it does appear to be a caution in it to us. Let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear perceive a message from the Lord. To almighty God be the glory. Selah!      

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