The State of Our Nation

I was hoping to stay away from essays that bring negativity into your space. Even though it is my intention, as hard as I try it’s impossible to stay away from things that come at you. In the same manner, it’s impossible not to notice the hatred and evil energy coming from certain factions of our nation. This is not a small matter. What we are witnessing is coming from very high places of leadership. When the heads of our nation promote such things it’s impossible for the body of followers to escape the consequences of what they promote. Unless we are willing to fight back we will forever be under their wicked control.

Lately, I have been taking to social media to speak the truth that is very obvious to most of us. These people are not shy about their schemes. They want a divided nation with White Christian-right Male domination that is not of God. It comes from the same power that allowed them to use slavery and the aftereffects of that despicable practice for hundreds of. To this day an entire race of people is still digging themselves up from being held down over hundreds of years. They want white privilege at all costs no matter what it takes. They are threatened because a race of people have survived all they threw at us and are still surviving.  Some are prospering to some degree. They consider this a threat to their unearned privilege that has always opposed God.

The notion of what is becoming a popular movement called “being woke” is something that seems to surprise them.  In essence, people are being awakened to the truth and are speaking out against injustices, ungodliness, ugliness, hatred, bigotry, chauvinism, misogyny, and the like. God is doing the awakening so it cannot be stopped. Unfortunately, people have been spoiled on the wrong side of God. Pray for those who were taught to be this way. The same “woke-ism” is possible for them if they call upon God. He will open their eyes to the error of their ways. If they wish to please God they will repent and ask for His forgiveness, grace, and unearned mercy.

Regarding racism and all the ugly cousins that come from that family of evil, I have never been asleep. It was very loud and prevalent that one could not sleep through it. We were forced to keep our heads down as much as tolerable, so we weren’t killed. It was a matter of staying alive to fight another day. Fortunately, that day has come. God told us that we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. This notion of suppression was allowed to exist for hundreds of years seemingly unchecked. Do you actually believe that God did not see what was going on? Do you actually believe that God was not taking names and sentencing the ungodly to their eternal resting places? They seem to act as though God was fooled by their unrighteousness. I assure you God’s word is true. God’s word is reliable. God’s promises cannot be avoided no matter what we think, feel, or hope otherwise.

I would think it odd that these sorts of things going on would only happen in America. As I have mentioned in an earlier essay, what we are doing to Mother Earth impacts us all. It rains on the just and the unjust. The one caveat is the eternal consequences for those who opposed God. You need not worry about God keeping His end of the deal. You would probably be better served by praying for those who have offended God because knowing His promises, it can’t end up well for them.

As a follower of Christ Jesus, I wrestle with how to deal with the negative energies the body of God faces in this wicked world. There is nothing new about this. This has been the way of the world since the beginning. Once sin entered into the world it has never left. We are the warm-blooded bodies it seeks to inhabit. We have the power to resist it but not by our power alone. Although the evil powers are stronger than we mortal carnal beings, God places in us His power that is far greater than any power that plagues this world. The main issue we have is coming to terms with the power we have and using that power to resist evil and its lures us into its grasp. If we’re unaware of such power it is hard to use what you don’t know you have. Fortunately, there are many messengers of the Lord that come along when you are ready to receive God.

This entire notion of being awakened is something that happens to us. It comes to us from an external source. No one can come to Christ unless the Father first draws us near. God senses the exact moment when we are ready to be drawn. However, we were born with free will. Father God allows us the full measure of choice even though He’d love to see us all come back to Him. By the way, God does not desire anything or hope for anything that is impossible for Him to achieve. I use terms such as God desiring things in the sense of how we relate to things. God knows all things and operates in the space of complete knowing. We do not! Such a concept is foreign to us because God is unknowable to us in completeness while in our current form. Remember, our thoughts and ways are far from God’s that it is immeasurable. Therefore we are asked to humble ourselves if we wish to approach Him in any way. He requires this! If you are unwilling to humble yourself, then to you… He cannot be found.

I preface this topic with Who God is because in case you are doubtful as to why He allows things to happen that may not fit your sense of logic or reasoning… this is where the buck should stop. Our option is to accept God by faith, trust, and belief, or not. Remember, we are the ones that He created. He will not wrestle with us over who has power or authority. He will only give you the choice to accept or deny Him.

The state of the world is completely known by God as it always has been. Our lack of knowledge does not, nor can it alter God in the slightest manner. God’s plan started when He said, “Let there be.” In the beginning, God already knew the end of the story of creation. With this preface let’s address the state of the world and particularly our nation as a whole.

Consider firstly how this nation was formed. The foundation is the building block that framed this nation. If you build something on a rotten foundation no matter what you put on that frame will define it. For example, if I fill a glass of purified drinking water in a glass that is laced with poison, the water will become poisoned. If you build a nation on a foundation that was ungodly, no matter what or how you build that foundation it would be similarly corrupted. It doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed, but that something has to be done intentionally to undo what was done corruptibly in the first place. America has never undone what was done from the beginning. Whatever evolved over all these years continues in the same manner as it started. It never has been corrected. This is fact and truth no matter how people might want to deny it. Again, if we wish to be healed God stands by at the ready position.

Therefore, I do not wish to leave you with only what you already know. I would instead offer you a possible fix. Our nation can be fixed but we would need to go further back to the original foundation. I do not speak of the foundation of this nation but much further back. If you go back to the days of Christ you might think that would be far enough back because our Savior was on the planet. God sent His Son here to show us the way back to the Father. If you recall, they crucified Christ so that would not be a time when things were right. Christ was the start of something good, but mankind was still very much corrupted at the time of His arrival. In fact, the wicked state of the world back then prompted His entrance into our world. Therefore let’s go back even further.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. In the very beginning, all things were good because there was only God, which is only good. The point is, once you go back to the original source, which is the original foundation that things were built… it was only good. We don’t have the ability to turn back time or undo what has been done since the very beginning. But, if we place our reliance upon God and allow Him to do the fixing, that would be the only way to fix the complexity of what has transpired over our entire history. Mankind is inherently corrupted. Since God is our Creator only He is capable of fixing us. Will mankind turn to the only resource that is capable of fixing us? Though it may be impossible with us, to God all things are possible.  

Is there hope? I am an eternal optimist. As long as God IS… anything is possible. No matter what is impossible with us, God can make a way out of no way. The question is, does mankind want to be fixed? Have we settled upon being corrupted? I wish to be changed but is there enough of us that wish to be made whole and complete not lacking anything? Where there are two or more anything is possible. To almighty God be the glory. Selah!

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