How Can I Serve Dear Lord

I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for a longtime friend to finish his medical procedure when this message came to me. I have been blessed beyond measure. Although I realize that to be true, still I seem to always beg the Lord to grant me more things. There is so much I would love to do but somehow I don’t seem to have the means to do all. In essence, I spend so much time asking for things I want rather than being grateful for what I already have. O what a wretched creature I am! Why do I do such things?

Perhaps we were wired to want more than we need. If we had a million we would want two million. If we had two we would still want more. Are we ever totally satisfied? No matter what we acquire we still ask for more. Our Lord continually blesses His children, but we look at what we want instead of what we have. I can’t speak for everyone, but I seem to always be looking at what I don’t have rather than what I have. Why is that?

Take a look at the world around you. There is so much lack. There are the homeless, the poor, the sick, and the lame. There are people who genuinely do not have a pot to pee into. How do you suppose they feel? You might wonder, do they really know God? Have they prayed to Him asking for blessings as I do? Though I am far from being rich or wealthy financially, I am highly blessed and spiritually favored.  

There are times when the voice of God seems to go silent. In my shallow mind I wonder; “Is God mad at me for being so childish and so selfish.” No matter how much He blesses me I still want more. Am I ever grateful? If I were God I don’t think I would like people who never seem to be satisfied. Plus they rarely show gratitude for what they have been given. We want to put God in our likeness but if that were true we would be in serious trouble. Take a good look at yourself. Perhaps you would not grade yourself so highly. Even though we are not expected to compare with God, there is so much room for improvement. Shouldn’t that bother us if we genuinely want to serve God? If not your priority is out of cinq with God. Does that matter to you?

I was meeting with a few friends just recently. It dawned upon me just how selfish I am at times. I seem to always ask for more no matter what I already have. There are times when God goes silent so I can take a good hard look at myself. Through the silence, I can hear myself telling myself how selfish I am. I wonder why I’m always asking for things rather than being grateful for what I have. That’s on me! There is no reason to be so selfish or ungrateful. When God is silent it allows me to see for myself as I am revealing my childish ways. The more I see it the more I dislike it! O what a wretched person I am!

I just wrote an essay called, “When The Pupil Is Ready, the teacher will appear.” When the Lord allows me to sit still in silence pondering my decisions, this is a way for the Holy Spirit to teach me using me as the subject. When I figure out things with my small mind, the Teacher is teaching me things through my own experiences. When I can see my own faults, it is far more precious than someone telling me my faults. I get it! Can you see yourself in this message as well? To almighty God be the glory… Selah!

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