I Love My Life – I Love the Lord

You are the love of my life dear Lord,

I love You with all my heart, soul, mind, and might.

Through You, I live, breathe, and have my being.

I could be nothing without You, nor would I want to.

I love my life because you are in it, my dear sweet Lord.

I love my life because the Lord is in it. No matter what I see, think, feel, want, or need, I know He cares for me dearly. If I get that which I ask for, He knows it is for me to have. If I do not get something that I thought I should have, it was something that He did not want me to have at that moment. Perhaps His answer was, or not now. Even if it were not ever, I could live and die with His choice because I know He will make the best decision for me. He is my Lord.

How many of you can say that you love your life? This is a trick question because I want you to look behind the curtains of life before you answer this loaded question. First of all, let’s start from the end of the question and work backward so you get the full gravity of the question. The short version would be… doyou… loveyourlife?

LIFE is a gift from God alone. No one, nor no other source can grant you life. God tells us “I ALONE AM GOD. THOU SHALL PLACE NO OTHER BEFORE ME.” Even though we might not fully understand the technicalities of such things, God stands alone in the universe with none other above Him. He is the singular source of all life and being in the universe and multiverses. No mind can fully grasp the fullness of God because we do not have that capacity.

Imagine an arbitrary amount of power such as ten trillion gazillion tons of power trying to fit into a thimble? It would be impossible. The same can be said about trying to fit the fullness of God into the human mind. It is impossible likewise. Therefore God tells us, I AM THAT I AM, which encompasses all that He is without boundaries but there are no words to define exactly what that is that is comprehensible to us. He also asks that we place our trust and faith in who and what that is until the time comes to be in front of Him.

How many of you have been to the outer edges of your one galaxy to see what is out there? How many of you have circled the entire universe with its infinite number of celestial bodies? Do you know the composition of each star? Do you even know the composition of the one planet that you inhabit? How do the stars and other celestial bodies remain in their places without running into each other? Who set the parameters of what goes where? The mortal mind has no idea of such things and yet all wisdom is fully contained in the orb of God.

He knows every hair on your body. He knows every cell in your body. He knew the exact time and place of your birth and death before the formation of heaven and earth. He is everywhere all at the same time. I say these things because as you look at your one life, God knew all lives before He determined to let there be anything. He is the one that gave you the life you have.    

YOUR: The life that you were given is fully yours to determine its fate. When God created mankind in His image and likeness He did so to make them as God on a smaller scale. Although the whole cannot be compared to the sum of its parts, the parts make up the whole. Everything in existence is the sum total of God. You’re just a piece of the whole. God granted you the right to have dominion over yourself. God gave you free willpower to select how you should go. He allowed you to believe and accept His Lordship or not. You can never be Lord over Him, but you were granted lordship over yourself. That includes the right to choose against your Creator God. Therefore your life is yours to navigate according to your willpower and desire to do so.

Think of an ant in an ant colony or a bee in a bee colony. Each is an individual entity yet a part of a much larger body. Each has its function within the community it lives, breaths, and has its being. Lower creatures were not given free will to decide what they must do because God decided such things for them based upon divine purpose which was set in the very beginning. In reference to us, God sees everything looking forward in a similar way to how you somewhat see things looking backward. They say hindsight is 20/20. To God, foresight is more than 20/20.

LOVE: is the glue that binds it all together. Your version of love is merely an emotion or feeling that you construe as love, but affection cannot be conflated with the substance of love. The two are not even necessarily in the same room. The substance of agape love is given outward freely with no thought of getting it back in return. It has no desire to get back to only to spread forward for keeps. The more agape love is spread amongst the people the more God is spread amongst the people so it achieves divine will. The greatest of all the commandments coming from the Father is that you first love Him as your creator and then love one another as you love Him and yourself. Christ told us that if we show that kind of love people will know that we belong to God as His disciples. As His distributors of the very substance that He is comprised. As your subject title indicates quite literally and figuratively, the love of my life is love and love IS God. Think about that for a moment.

YOU: are the focus of attention in the space and time that you currently inhabit. As a mature person, you are singularly responsible for the soul and spirit in you. The Spirit that inhabits your body is the real you that is passing through time and space in a mortal body. All the thoughts, acts, and deeds done while in the body becomes your soul that is presented back to God for judgment. Every knee shall bow before God in His eternal kingdom albeit known or not, realized or not, desired or not, and in every conceivable way predetermined as the ultimate choice. You are the one that must make the choice because God granted you this one big thing. As a mini-god with a real spirit of God in you, that is your responsibility alone. If you do not know who this part of your being is then that is your challenge to learn. Get to know yourself and you will eventually find the God that lives in you.

DO: is simply the question that one must come to terms with. Do you wish to know God? Ultimately do you wish to serve the body of God as a God-fearing member? One cannot be accepted into God’s body of believers without willfully and intentionally choosing to do so. This is your prime directive and the primary purpose of being given life. God wants His spirit back.

So let’s make this a short message. Think about these things: Do you love your life? If you care to dig even deeper inside of you God has placed in each of a spirit that comes directly from Him. It is already slated to return to the heavenly kingdom. Not all will return to be with Him. That’s completely up to you. If you learn to love your life it will be because at the core of your being is the Spirit of God that gifted you life and being upon the earth. And one more thing… if you truly love the Lord there should be crystal clear evidence of the presence of God living in you.  It is to almighty God be the glory. Selah!

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