The Lord Thy God IS One

I was lying in bed meditating upon the Lord. I asked that He give me the words that could unite the world He formed. Though there are many demigods, there is only One GOD that is above all and IS the divine creator of all in existence, albeit mortal or immortal, soul, flesh, or Spirit. This world we live in has so many interpretations of what we consider to be the One God. Who are we to put God in our bubble and proclaim that we know the only Truth that IS God? We are not the authority. The only authority is the ONE God that has already identified Himself as Lord I AM THAT I AM, THE LORD THY GOD OVER ALL AND ALL IS IN I AM.

What do we call Him? Is He even a gender as in male or female? He is Spirit and Truth that has both inside the One. Both male and female are characteristics of mortal beings of which God is not. God is both genders equally because both are in GOD who is the Creator of ALL. The notion of humankind putting a label, definition, or description upon God is meaningless and carries no weight. How can that which God made impose anything on its maker? At best the made can only speculate what is only thought, not truth. God is Truth. God is Spirit. God is not mortal mankind, nor does He entertain the notion of being what mankind thinks, wants, desires, or otherwise hopes for.

Therefore I call upon the Lord My God to impose I AM, HIMSELF,  upon this mortal creature and let me know what I must do, think, or hope to follow as my Creator commands. I truly believe that there is only One true God that is over all and in all that was made. I empty my desires and ask to be filled by that which God commands of me. I wish only to be still and allow the Lord God to instruct me forward. I shall wait for the Lord to guide me.

I meditated upon this subject before launching deeply inside the matter and this is what was revealed to me. One cannot help but weigh in on matters that are important to God Himself. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I do not discriminate against people who do not follow Christ because it was the Word in the beginning who was with God and was God that created all mankind. The very life that is in all mankind was given by the same Lord. When God pulls His breath out of living flesh a person is no longer alive. There spirit that is from God alone is released and returns to the spiritual abode of which God rules exclusively. Since we who were born on earth in living bodies are separated from the spiritual abode temporarily by carnal and physical matter, we are currently subject the carnal intrusions. No such interferences are possible away from physically manifested existence into the world of Spirit. Therefore, you who are in this world have to weigh in on God’s precepts no matter what you think, hope, or prefer. That is your freewill choice.

For those who are in leadership over God’s people in creation, no matter what geographical area or distinction, they rule over what belongs to God. There is only one Creator that reigns over all and that same One grants ALL life and being. If anyone rules ungodly over God’s people they will be held accountable to God and severely handled according to the punishment set by God, not to be confused with mankind’s law or lack thereof. The hell that awaits them is unimaginable just as the heaven that awaits those who are obedient and love God is not of this world. No mind can conceive, no eye has seen what God has already prepared for both.

A person running for ruler over God’s people who claim to represent some in one manner and others in a different manner is held accountable by God’s rule regardless of what man thinks or otherwise puts into practice. God will judge anyone who chooses against God. What you do to the least of God’s people is an offense against God. If you side with ungodly people who claim to be leaders over God’s people then you are at enmity against God and shall meet His retribution at the time of judgment.

Take the leaders over the chosen ones of Israel who were allowed to lead God’s chosen. What they have already done is an abomination against God by ruling ungodly over His people and they have already branded themselves by God’s rules accordingly. What other such earthly rulers and leaders in all geographic locations upon the earth think that can treat people of creation as puppets to do with as they wish… they will be severely judged by God as if they did what they did to God Himself which they did because it is God that is the life that is in all mankind regardless of what man thinks or otherwise place in motion. Their stench already has a foul aroma like rotting flesh to the Lord.  He shall exact His revenge in due time.

Regarding the land of your birth, the flesh is so rotten that there is no place clean as in the days of Noah. As the promise of the Lord, the next time will not be water, but fire and all flesh will be burned while the souls and spirits that belong to the Lord will return to Him eternally in His abode. No one knows the day or time except the Father, not even the angels who reside in His heavenly abode. They prepare the way of the Lord’s day. Let the committers of iniquity glee in their glass houses and in the earthly mansions they have robed from the poor and believers of the Lord. The greatest of Hell has already been prepared for them. Repent this very moment or you shall feel the nostrils of God breathing against your eternal soul sooner than you expect.

As far as the children of God, you know who you are because it was God that chose you. You did not choose Him. He chose you in Him while looking back over time knowing what you would do before you were born in a human body. That is the omnipotent power of your God. He has your soul in His bosom as it has been since long before your earthly sojourn, since before time was unfolded. Yes, it will rain down on all alike.  The distinction is between those who are in God and those who are not… eternally. Trust in the Lord and not what you might otherwise think. God is God over all. In His wisdom, you must place your reliance, faith, and trust with all your might.


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