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Greg officially began his writing career back in 1999 when he wrote his first published book called, “In Search of the Soul.” The book was a diary of what he was experiencing while going through a diligent search to find God in a real sense rather than just in a book. After his first book, which was rather crude, he continued to write nearly 75 book titles but only managed to self-publish nine of them. Writing was the easy part but getting a book into the hands of potential readers is a separate sales job, which was not Greg’s forte. 

Greg began his professional career working as a union musician in the music industry in the Los Angeles and Hollywood area. His main entry as a professional musician was working as the bass player with the Temptations on the road for a world tour in 1976. After that first tour, he made his home working as a bass player for hire doing many recording sessions in town for various artist. In addition, he found himself getting hired as an arranger and musical composer writing the musical charts for the recording sessions. He worked with several Motown artists and record producers, mainly during the seventies and eighties. 

Mickey Stevenson, a Motown legend, was Greg’s mentor for years. Mickey taught Greg the ropes of producing records. Greg put down his bass and picked up his pins to become the arranger on several albums for dozens of artists, including several acts from West Africa for Eboni Records, and many start-up artists at Motown Records. He was there when Rick James and Tina Marie started their careers. Greg worked with and for Art Stewart, an engineer and producer as his main arranger and co-producer for several new Motown recording artists.

As an arranger and composer, Greg got gigs as a composer of industrial film music, as well as radio and television commercials. He landed an account with Suzuki Motor Bike Corporation for seven years writing and producing soundtracks showcasing their new bike lines in industrial multimedia presentations. That was not an easy feat for a young black composer with very little experience or clout. In addition, Greg wrote, arranged, and produced dozens of albums, soundtracks, films, and musical plays for the stage. He quickly became the producer on file producing the entire production packages for various clients. He also spent over 25 years working with various Persian Musicians traveling with them across the country doing gigs.

To date, Greg has over two decades of writing various projects almost continuously dating back to 1999. He has published several books, essays, poems, and spiritual narratives. He blogs quite frequently on several blog sites. He has finally found himself and now doing what he enjoys doing. Since the pandemic, Greg and his production partner, Hiroshi Upshur, have completed over 10 dozen videos and still counting. He writes the scripts for his talk show, “Straight Talk With Greg Middleton and Guest.” Rather than trying to print and sell books, he would rather produce his messages using video podcasts. In this manner, the consumers can access his messages within days rather than waiting weeks or months for a book to be published and printed.