“Behold, I stand at your door and knock…”

My messages are written from a faith-based point of view and intended to cause you to reflect upon your faith and belief in Almighty God.

Welcome to my website

This is a hub for nearly everything I do creatively as a disciple, servant, and follower of our Lord Christ Jesus. As a lifetime professional musician and composer, I use my talents to praise the Lord and to feed His flock. Although I did not discover my writing abilities until the later stages of life, once touched it has not been non-stop writing for about a quarter of a century to date. The huge difference is, it has been revealed to me that the messages I write are coming from the Lord, who is the Holy Spirit that indwells the hearts and minds of those who accept Christ as Lord. Not everyone follows that pathway.

Greg E. Middleton is an author, songwriter, musician, disciple of Christ, Producer, and spiritual advisor just to name a few of his titles. Not to mention husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, and friend to many.

Although Greg has written close to about 75 book titles, most of them were never published. Some may have been God's way of preparing him for the mission at hand.  A few of them were self-published and available on Amazon or wherever you purchase your published books. Though he is not done with book publishing, he found a new way of spreading the gospel of our Lord Christ using today’s technology, which is through spiritual narratives set to video and music telling a story about the gospel. His video messages include topics that are spiritual, Christian philosophy, political, cultural, and racial. Whenever the Spirit moves he gets up and writes down what is communicated to him.

Over the years there have been so many very gifted and multi-talented individuals that barely left footprints in the sands of time so people would know they were here. As servants we hope to leave something behind that will encourage others to want to know the Lord in inexpressible ways. That is one of the intents of having this sort of website. Let the works I have done speak for themselves.

If you are a follower of the Lord you must be willing and available to be used as a vessel to do His good deeds. God chooses His people to do His great works. We do not chose Him. He chose us for His purposes, long before we were formed in our mother’s womb to feed His followers. One must learn to get out of God’s way and allow Him to use your vessel to spread His light upon the world. You simply become an instrument that the Lord uses to spread light and reach those who are called but now yet awakened. All are called but only a few are chosen. The Lord does the calling. We simply agree, which is to say Amen to Him.

We have attempted to arrange things on this website where they are easy to locate. Greg has a huge arsenal of published and recorded material so when you have the time browse through the site and see what messages your name might be written upon, albeit videos, essays, books, or songs. Feel free to sow a seed by donating to our cause so we can continue doing the Lord’s work.  It is our labor of love. To almighty God be the glory… Selah!


I prefer writing in the essay style. The messages are usually spiritual in nature, but some cover social issues such as race, politics, biblical passages, and other cares of life. I am a proud follower of Christ so therefore the messages reflect my chosen faith and belief. I do not apologize for my beliefs, and neither should you. Everyone should be willing to stand firm upon what they believe. Selah!


My entire life has directed me to this very point in time. The same is true  about you. Our life experiences made us who we are today. I am happy to reveal that I responded to a call from God to come near to Him. Since then, my life has totally changed. I’m a New Creation. If you don’t know God, try reading a few of my essays.


We only want to spread the good news about the gospel of Christ. We do this to reflect our love and reverence to Him. There is no immediate money to be made doing what we do so if you like what you are receiving and care to support the cause, please feel free to donate generously. We use your donations to produce more videos.