911 Emergency

Folks it is time to stop waiting on the idiots to join forces with us to make things right. They neither want to nor care to help sane people. They prefer chaos, strife, division, anger, hatred, separation, and unfounded conspiracies. In essence, they want to get rid of everyone in this country that does not think or believe as they do.

You are waiting on them to care about the lives of our children in school when they prefer to stay hooked on the gun lobbyist and protect their right to be a fool. They have the right to remain as so for as long as they desire. So why are we counting on them to do things that have any positive intent for the greater good of anyone except the MAGA nation? Why are we giving them so much of our attention?

If the polls the media love to quote are correct and there are more sane people than the fools that we bear witness to daily, then we don’t need them to change things. And yet, we are the fools who are constantly allowing them to frustrate us while the power to change things has always been in our hands. Do we need their permission to do what is right and decent for the greater good of us all? If God is for us, who can be against us?

If millions of good faith citizens would at least stand up and make their voices heard we would not be having this conversation. If the same would dare march to their nearest city or town hall and watch every politician who accepts money from the NRA walk into their offices or places of business with signs showing their affiliations with the gun manufacturers… then at least people would see who they are and if they still want to vote for politicians that chose the rights to buy people-killing guns over the children’s right to go to school safely and return home to their loving parents, then let’s make that a clear choice. Those who are for the NRA stand on one side of the aisle and those who want some sensible gun control on the other. You take the NRA money then it is clear which side you stand upon. BE PROUD OF YOUR STAND. God is watching!

We send our thoughts and prayers to the victims so often that it’s like taking a sneeze, batting our eyes, or taking a breath to live. These victims will never have that choice again. Their loved ones will forever grieve because their elected politicians refused to do anything to cut down on war guns that are killing people. They call this protecting their 2nd Amendment right to have a war gun if they so choose. Let them have that choice but do not allow them to be your elected leader to protect and serve the cares of the people. The two do not go together.

People of America, this is not rocket science. The National Rifle Association pay politicians to lobby for them. They want everyone in America to purchase as many of their guns so they can stay MAGA-rich. It is not about 2nd Amendment rights! It’s about their willingness to allow people to be killed so they can have sport if they desire, no matter what is at stake. We know what is at stake. The lives of millions of innocent citizens are on the line so inconsiderate people can have the choice to do what they want to. You don’t need an AK-47 to hunt prey. If you want it for target practice just so you can feel the power of a destructive toy, then why not go and purchase a grenade launcher or a tank? These weapons are for war only but that is what you want to have the choice to enjoy at the expense of innocent lives.

I pray that none of their kids are the ones in the target hairs next to the next gun-toting maniac. I would not wish that on any parent or loved one. But these gun lovers really don’t care about people, they only care about what makes them happy and that is their choice to buy and own something that is killing more innocent people than natural deaths, especially when it comes to our children.

In the final end, we know what will happen to them for the choices they are making today. Shame on the elected officials whom God allowed to lead His people. To whom much is given even much more is expected. The Judge will let them know why they are going to hell while they are still breathing. I hope the thrill they get from their ungodly choices is worth it. Every life that is lost due to gun violence is on their soul because gun lovers could have done something to curve the violence and yet did nothing. They are complicit in the death of the children of the Most High God! We know how He feels about the little ones. All of us are children of God who call and depend upon His Fatherly guardianship. What you do to the least among God’s people you do likewise unto Him.

A word from the Lord came unto me. “Fret not! The day of the Lord is at hand. He is currently allowing people to identify who they are and who they belong to. The children of God will return home to Him regardless of the fools, but they have chosen a pathway of no return. That NRA money shall forever be a darkened stain on the souls of those who chose to take it knowing what it is doing to God’s people!”

It is past time to repent! If the seal of the Lord is not upon you by now you have chosen your God. Enjoy the ride through eternity. For some, it will be quite bumpy! To almighty God be the glory. Selah!

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