A Word To The Wise Governor of Florida

 From Mickey and Minnie Mouse:

This hatemongering example of a person who thinks it is bad to be woke. That is because he represents a group of people who think Black and Brown people, or mice, are like them. They prefer that we stay asleep when it comes to our rights as duly-born Americans, just like them. Perhaps twenty years ago we were more timid regarding expressing our voices, but we were never asleep when it comes to knowing who we are. If anything those forthright bigots woke us up.

We’d gotten used to the lies and bigotry for nearly 400 years. Back in those days, we had very little power to defend ourselves without facing severe punishment including being put to death.  However, now that you are killing us at such an alarming rate and number, you made so much bombastic evil noise that we couldn’t sleep even if we tried. Perhaps you should have left the bear asleep. Did you forget that we are highly educated by some of the best schools in the world today? Back in the day, you did not allow us to attend such schools. Did you forget the passage of the civil rights laws of the land? The things you were used to doing are no longer done in the dark. We see you clearly! We hear you clearly. God see and hear you too!

We know your game and the tools you have in your toolbox. There’s nowhere you can from us. Remember, we are WOKE now. We have people who are great in all professions except the KKK. We have people with tons of money… it just ain’t old money like yours. We actually know and worship the true living God that you lied to us about. We believe in exactly what the Bible says. You don’t even know what truth is because you have lived deceitful lies for hundreds of years. You repeated the same old lies for so long that you actually convinced yourself that your lies were truths. You think your race is better than others. Did you read that in your bible?

So yes Mr. Governor of Florida, we are WOKE. We are more woke than you can ever imagine with your tiny little, evil, hateful mind. You’re so asleep that you think your hate has power over all people of color. Might I remind you, we are multifaceted, multi-cultural, come in all shades of black and brown, we speak your language, and we know and live lives that you have no idea? We know how to survive your BS as we have been forced to do for hundreds of years. You have woken up the bear so take your evil hatred crap back into your snake hole where it resides, in dark demonic places. We are being told by our God not to worry about you because it is He that has been offended. Vengeance belongs to almighty God alone!

I realize that you’d like to see us march the streets like wild animals burning down our own neighborhoods. Even though there are some fools within our numbers, burning our own stuff never worked. A word to the wise Mr. Florida Governor: We are WOKE. It was God that woke us up at the appointed time. We know where we stand with Him… but do you?

I was just told by my Lord to tell it like I see it because it’s His vision I’m seeing. I’m not sure why He singled you out Mr. Florida Governor because you are not the wisest nor the biggest fish in this ocean. Mitch, Kevin, Lindsay, MTG, Mr. Texas Governor,  Ted and John, Marco and Rick; this is not even a full list. However, my thoughts and ways are not like God’s thoughts and ways. I yield unto Him. To almighty God be the glory… Selah!


Mickey and Minnie Mouse


  1. דירות דיסקרטיות בעפולה on May 13, 2023 at 7:01 am

    שלום שם ! אני פשוט רוצה להציע לך גדול אגודלים למעלה עבור מצוין מידע יש לך ממש כאן על הפוסט הזה. אני אהיה חוזר ל האתר שלך לעוד בקרוב.

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