We Need A Larger Seat At The Table

I must admit that I am very impressed at our forward gain regarding racial matters but at the same time, I am greatly disappointed that we do not have a larger seat at the table when discussing what happens to and for us. This system has always been stacked against us for whatever reasons. It was mainly because of racial discrimination and literally holding us down for as long as they could get away with it. Whites have ruled this country since its rugged sinful history. They want to sweep slavery and its adverse effects under the rug and tell us to get over it. We may be doing better but getting over it will not happen in my lifetime. I can’t forget the horrors and deprivation that were done to me by very hateful and mean-spirited people.

Putting that aside for a moment, to this day people are making decisions for us, people of color, that have to do with their agenda which is not necessarily ours. Even locally in my area, black and brown people are being priced out of the housing markets which is a form of racism. Most people in this area who are successful come from old money which we have very little. Our new money is not strong enough to stand through the financial storms that happen. Old money has been around so long that it IS the wall.

Through all the years of holding us down and keeping a foot on our necks, we are just beginning to rise up and see above ground level. We need to learn how to stand on our feet before they play whack-a-mold and knock us right back down. Though we are resilient, we are not Superman or Superwoman. We have sustained all the bigotry, but we can’t compete against centuries of being kept down by the system of government that has always been stacked against us. Therefore, we need a bigger seat at the table in reference to what happens to our people. No one is looking out for us. They are still defending their white unearned privileges… not ours. They don’t care about us or what we have been denied. They have not walked one step in our shoes.

Some may see me as a mad black man. Although that should be the case, I can’t afford the luxury of being mad. The energy from anger and being mad is counter-productive to growth. I believe it is called antithetical to growth. It clouds my rational judgment and thereby hinders what could have been. It is better for me to come to the table with a very clear mind and with a very clear agenda of what I wish to achieve. They, the establishment, on the other hand, want me to think irrationally and use cloudy judgments. They play us like a rusty flute with the keys stuck and gooey. It is about time that we insist upon having a larger seat at the table. My real suggestion is that we build our own table and pick the seats we desire for ourselves and not wait on somebody to do things for us.

Though it is true the establishment does control most of the marbles, there is plenty still to be had. Rather than concentrating on their marbles, we can make our own form of currency. We can build our village and use the currency that we deem to be the most valuable. We need to come together as a village and build our own huts and feed our own people and educate our own children. We have black colleges and can have schools that cater to our people without hindrances. Look at what the governor of Florida is attempting to do to our kind of people.

We don’t want a seat at the Florida Governor’s table. He can keep his bigoted table and all his rotten marbles. I don’t want anything from a person such as that because it is filthy and seeded with evil intent. Either the man has no idea of who God is or he is the son of the dark side of the spiritual realm. We know the enemy of God to be the devil so if there is hate and bigotry in this person we know who his father is. We want nothing from him nor anything that belongs to him. If he wants to be a hateful bigot then let him be that and we know our God has plans for such souls that are against his righteousness.

Our seat at the table has already been prepared and the one that made this seat possible for us is the one that has always been watching over us for all this time. He wanted to see us grow strong like a tree planted at the edge of a flowing stream that has to develop deep roots to anchor it down from the forces that are always passing by rapidly and strongly. Our roots have grown deep because they had to. Our Father has prepared a table before our enemies and anointed our heads with oil. Surely goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our mortal lives and into the heavenly abode. You cannot do things like this to God’s people and expect to be invited into God’s house with a seat at His table.

It is not just the silly Florida governor but the speaker of the house, the Senators, the Supreme Court, the Policing departments, and the federal government agencies that have traditionally been stacked against us. They are not rapidly making things right. They are moving as slowly as molasses. Their motivation to change and make things better is not their highest priority but it should be ours. Since they do not want to do what is right for us, let us turn to the God who made heaven and earth, seek His grace and tender mercies, and follow His lead. If God is for us who can stand against us?

We need a larger seat at the table of life. I think I know just where to find it. As for me and my household, we follow Christ Lord. If there is some power stronger than Christ Lord our Heavenly Father will show it to us. To almighty God be the glory. Selah!    

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