The Eyes of The Lord Are Upon Us

I desperately try to remain ready once the Lord sends me a message to write. It could be while sitting and waiting on a friend or relative to finish their medical appointment. It could be during the middle of the night while I am dreaming or receiving a message from the Lord that wakes me up. It could be just after or during my early morning walks where the Spirit is always very active and alive in me. In general, I know the eyes of the Lord are always upon me. As I say this about myself, I know the eyes of the Lord are upon us all but especially upon those He loves and accepts as His children.

There is no mystery about who God’s children are. He identifies them when they accept His Lordship. They become His adopted children. It’s at that point we become these newly created creatures made in His likeness. Once you come to terms with the transformation process you’re on a ride towards His kingdom. Yes, His eyes are wide open on you. And you began to see more of the things He sees in His children.

The more I grow in the Spirit the more the Spirit grows in me. I’m not unique to this. The Lord clearly tells us that if we abide in Him He will abide in us. Jn. 17:7 What do you suppose He means? It means exactly what He says. Abide means to stay within, remain, or continue within Him. In return, He lives in us and helps us live our lives through His indwelling Spirit. This requires a different posture from us. God is holy and wishes that we become Holy as He IS. That requires a process that does not fully complete on this side of mortality. He makes us holy and brings us into His heavenly kingdom when we depart the Earth.

How do we get there? Think for a moment that God’s eyes are always fixed upon you. That’s a fact! Do you consciously think of it that way? Imagine a person you love who loves you back keeping their attention on you all the time. We don’t live in such a way, but God is not like us. We might attempt to be like Him but in our current state, we know it’s impossible because we live in a sinful body. Our mind is actually hostile to God because it does not want to obey God. You can read this for yourself in Romans 12:2. Also read Psalm 34:15, and 1 Peter 3:12. They will tell you about the eyes of the Lord being upon the righteous.

I’m finally awakening to the scriptures. They seem to be growing inside of me. Though I’ve read and studied them for years, it gets to a point that they actually come alive. That is what the Holy Spirit does in each of us when we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior. It comes with the His Holy Spirit living in you. As Christians, we know that to be true in our minds, but the question becomes, do we accept Him in our hearts?

When the Spirit penetrates your heart you will know and sense the eyes of the Lord upon you. He prepares you for what comes next. What do you think that might be? No one knows but if you are willing… the Spirit is able to use you beyond what you thought was even imaginable. However, first, you must agree to be reshaped into what your function and purpose entail. In a similar way, Christ told us no one knows the date or time of the end times but only God. When you serve God, He assigns the assignment you are to fulfill as only He knows.

Many are called but few are chosen, according to Matthew 22:14. That scripture requires a bit of study. We realize that we were all created by the same God therefore He calls us all to be in His likeness, but He does not force us to do so. We weren’t created to turn away from God but we were given the choice to refute Him if that is your desire. The extent of His love is so wide that no matter what we chose, His eyes are forever on us. Currently, we are eternal creatures in this human short-lived flesh body. Once you realize this to be fact it lets you know that God’s eyes are never away from us. We are responsible and accountable to Him for all we do, think, and act upon. God’s eyes are open wide enough to see all of creation throughout time eternal. No one can know the fullness of the Almighty Omnipotent God.

With this in mind, does knowing God is always watching over us make you want to alter the way you operate in this life? It should if you love God. Once awakened to the Spirit of God you see things on a higher level than merely going through the motions of life. You become one with the process of living life to the fullness of your potential. You realize that you are doing so through the Spirit of God as He indwells your mortal body. You do this with intent and purpose.

I was thinking today about what a pleasure it is to finally see God working in me. He helps me to cope with things, to handle things better, and to just rely upon His daily guidance for all things. It takes a while to get to this point, but it is the Lord that does the work for us once we are ready to be transformed into His likeness. 1 Cor. 5:17. We become this new creation by choice and with the intent of pleasing God.

I don’t want you to be alarmed but the eyes of the Lord are always fixed firmly upon His children. You are never ever out of His sight. As a very loving Father, He cares so deeply for you. He wants what is best for you regardless of the situation. However, with His abiding love comes discipline. You give Him the power to teach you, train you, and show you the righteous way according to Him and not according to our carnal minds. He may not always give us what we want but He will always give us what we need according to His divine will of us. If you are His child you will cherish every single thing He does on your behalf. The Eyes of The Lord Are Upon Us, His sweet children. To Almighty God be the glory. Selah!

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