TIME, According to the Lord

The Lord asked me a question, “What is time?”

I thought about it and answered, ‘I don’t really know how to define it.’

Then He said, “Look it up in your dictionary.”

That I did… ‘It is defined as a  limited period or interval, as between two successive events.” Another said, “duration regarded as belonging to the present life as distinct from the life to come from eternity.’ I think I like this one the best!

Then THE SPIRIT asked me, “How many seconds are there in a day?”

I grabbed my calculator and multiplied 60 seconds in a minute times 60 minutes in an hour, times 24 hours in a day, and came up with 86,400 seconds in a day. Since there are 365 days in an average year that would be thirty-one million, five hundred thirty-six thousand seconds (31,536,000) seconds in a year. ‘WOW! I never knew that!’

Then He said, “God doesn’t require time for any of His purposes, but human beings do. God made time just for human beings with immortal souls to do something. What do you suppose that is?” He asked.

I replied, ‘Is it for us to learn how to get ourselves right with Him?’

He said. “YES! Not just the temporary body you inhabit but likewise and more importantly, the immortal soul. To purify the soul as one would purify pure gold.”

Then I thought: Since we relate to the process of refinement that requires intense heat to burn out all impurities, that takes a lot of burning. Likewise, since it takes millions of years and megatons of pressure to make one of our precious diamonds, imagine what it takes to turn sinful creatures into something that God can stand to look at. During our passage through the earth, God assigns His ministering angels of the Lord to work with us. They were created just for this purpose. His angels encamp around those who love Him and live according to His righteousness. Even the best of the human species is just a filthy rag to the Lord God, but… He keeps us near as we are being refined.

In His omnipotence, He already knows which ones will return to Him. Therefore He stands above and outside of time to lead the sheep to greener pastures for His name’s sake. He leads them along the path of righteousness for His Namesake and watches them respond to what is good that He placed in them. He watches them grow, mature, and develop… not lacking anything of God. Time allows that process to do its work in them. Our Father is our individual overseer of the process. Christ said that He would not lose even one that the Father sends to Him.

And then I asked of Him: ‘What is our role in the process since He sees and knows everything about us even before we were born?’

He said to me, “You only need to say yes to the Lord and it is done for you. But He who comes must come with a clean heart and not doubt because when doubt sets in it corrupts the good works done in the refining process. Though nothing can take a soul out of My hands, it makes the process much more chaotic. Remember, God is already there… You are yet passing through time to get to where the Lord already IS.”

‘So a day of Your time is like a billion years of our time,’ I replied.

“Your analogy only exhibits how time filters into mortality as it relates to humankind. Did you know the Lord God makes each millisecond of time unique and stacks them on top of one another just for Human consumption? No two seconds are identical just as no two snowflakes are the same. Certainly, no two of His precious souls are identical. No mind can conceive the enormity of God. His ways are not in a realm the human mind could ever grasp.”

‘Is that why You ask us to place all our heart, soul, and might into trusting the LORD because It is He that makes straight our path into His divine Kingdom?’


‘WOW!!!’ I replied.

“Even more than you can ever know on this side of eternity. More than you can conceive. IT IS TO MY GLORY… SELAH!”

That was the word the LORD spoke unto me. To almighty God be the Glory… Selah!

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