The Seeds We Sow

As a man who follows the teachings of Christ, I find it very alarming how my country, the land where I was born, has planted so many rotten seeds that unfortunately have already sprouted producing more of its kind. If you plant good seeds they will produce good crops. If you plant bad rotten seeds they will produce bad rotten fruit. Is there anyone who would argue that our nation, the United States of America hasn’t planted so many rotten seeds from long before its birth as a nation?

Just to be clear, the slaughter of the indigenous people who lived and called this their homeland for thousands of years was a bad rotten seed. This land was taken by force from them. Dare I mention the capture, purchase, and slave trade of citizens from Africa as chattel property to do all kinds of ungodly things to them around that hideous practice was a bad rotten sees. The fact is, this land we call the land of the brave and free has never been a noble land of the brave and the free under God’s watchful eye. It has never provided liberty and justice for all equally. Even though our currency says in God we trust, they failed to specify which God. It was the god of gluttony or selfish pleasures. Perhaps it could have also been the prince of darkness from the dark side of the spiritual kingdom.

As a person who grew up on a farm, I am quite familiar with sowing and planting seeds of many kinds. When we planted cotton seeds they produced a stalk of cotton that produced quite a few more seeds of its kind. When we planted bean seeds we could cultivate so many beans of its kind that fed us well over many years. We were able to gather so many seeds and fruits from the seeds we planted and took much of them to the open market that others would purchase and take care of their families. However, some of the seeds, a few, were corrupted and produced rotten fruit or seeds right off the bush. They were corrupted so we separated them and threw them into the fire. We even pruned corrupted branches from our fruit trees so they would not produce more corrupted fruit. In that manner, we kept our trees healthy producing only good fruit.

What can we say about the seeds America has planted and produced over the last 400-plus years? Were there more good seeds than bad? What happened to all those bad seeds gathered from the slaughter of the indigenous people and African slaves? Were those seeds ever cut away and thrown into the fire? Or were they allowed to be replanted and mixed in with the other crop? Undoubtedly, if there was never any pruning of the branches, we have many corrupted seeds still being sown in our land.

What are we willing to do about it? Are we just going to continue producing corrupt rotten seeds that we know full well are corrupt? There is no rush to prune what is bad and corrupted. What do we expect to harvest if we never plucked out the wild weeds from the good crop? Undoubtedly not all the fruit in this country was corrupted. However, if you never pluck out the bad there is a good chance it will corrupt the good. Perhaps you have heard that is takes only one rotten apple to corrupt an entire barrel of good apples. It is likewise with people.

For those of you who did not have the privilege of growing up on a farm let me be clear. You shall reap what you sow. If you sow or otherwise plant bad, rotten, or corrupted seeds that’s what you will reap or gather back in return. However, it does not necessarily have to be reaped during your lifetime and it does not have to fall directly into your carnal lap. Several generations will have to pay for the bad seeds that were planted. It is the law of God. Some of the people you know right now are full of hatred because of the sins of their fathers and mothers who planted the corrupted seed. The toll or price has fallen on their heirs. It could go on several generations to come because of the sins of their fathers and mothers.

I personally know that I have planted some rotten or corrupted seeds in my life. Some I did so knowing it was corrupted or unrighteous. Some were the results of the power or influences over me, including my own mind or lack of self-control. I am completely aware of the wages of my sins. I am also completely aware of the statement made in 1 John 1:9. For those of you who claim to belong to Christ, you need not look up that passage because I’m sure you have been told about it. if not please look it up for yourself and allow He who Speaks from inside communicate directly through your spirit.

I was awakened by this divine Spirit and cautioned to repent for all my sins. That I have done and continue to do. I have a feeling that I will need to confess daily until my final breath is taken on earth. I am confident that my confession has been heard. I do so daily, and my sins have been forgiven. Those were the sins from days past but what of those that I continue to make due to the weakness of my flesh and lack of absolute control over the power of darkness. For those I continue to humble myself, pray, turn to seek the face of God, and allow Him to Lord over my flesh, mind and spirit. I try not to lean upon my understanding of worldly or spiritual things, knowing that God’s thoughts and ways are nowhere similar to mine. I am learning to trust in Him with all my heart, my soul, my mind, my spirit, and with all my might. Beyond that the fate of my soul is in His most capable hands. I give Him all the reverence and the glory.

I don’t know how much longer I will live in this godforsaken land, but I do know it is my intent to continue planting good seeds whenever I can. I will toss up my lumber in heaven where my treasures are stored to build my mansion up there. I pray for those who have not yet discovered the love of God through His Son. I ask forgiveness for their sins because I have a feeling they really do not know God. I pray for grace and mercy over all those who have been forsaken, the poor, the handicapped, the sickly, and all who suffer at the hands of our fellow humankind or the dark forces from the heavenly realm. When I leave this place it is my hope that the good seeds I plant will be of benefit to others who are yet to be born and who inevitably will have to face the weeds and thornbushes that will try to choke the God spirit out of them.

I want each of you to contemplate what kind of seeds you’re sowing down here. If you have any reverence for God check in with Him. If you are His people that says it all about what you should be doing. If you don’t consider yourself to be a child of God it’s not too late. As long as you have breath that He blew into your carnal body there is hope. His Spirit is in all human beings in one state or another but only the Father has the ability to awaken it in your mortal body before you depart. What kind of seeds are you sowing? To almighty God be the glory… Selah  

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